We felt like our factions Wildstar Powerleveling

We showed Chad “Pappy” Moore, our Lead Narrative Designer, these tweets and also this is what he previously to express:

The reactions to the uplink question were very inspiring on the Narrative Design department! When developing the Chua plus the Mordesh, we really needed to present much of our factions using a different race – ultimately.

their “dirty little secrets” –  Wildstar Powerleveling that would fill in contrast to the others. We did this for a number of different reasons.

The very first, and the majority important, was to build a more complicated and interesting dynamic within each faction.

Over the Chua and the Mordesh, We felt like our factions became a tad bit more real and unique, offering a new perspective within the philosophies and motivations of each and every side. This allowed us to keep to push into those “gray areas” which make storytelling more interesting.

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