The All-Seeing Eye has three easily managed abilities Fifa 14 Coins PS4

ALL-SEEING EYE:This boss may be simply executed Fifa 14 Coins PS4 , or annoying based on the skill of the tank, and their perception at finding areas to make the boss vulnerable. As hinted inside hallways leading up to this fight, the All-Seeing Eye is merely vulnerable when fought inside the light with the crystal formations (that also weaken its damage abilities considerably).

However, during the fight, different formations will mislay their luster, so the boss must be extracted from formation to formation as the fight progresses.

The All-Seeing Eye has three easily managed abilities. An example may be a 90 degree frontal cone attack. This simply does damage, thus the party has to stay behind the boss. Next, the All-Seeing Eye will randomly target party members and cast Cursed Gaze.

This can inflict either Amnesia or Paralysis. Bring along consumables or Esuna. Finally, it’s going to cast Eyes on Me, which does damage, but when you will find the Crystal Veil buff, this damage is reduced by .

The two adds summoned by the All-Seeing Eye through the fight. The first two waves are merely healer-eaters, as with they tend to search directly for the healer. They might easily be handled. The rest of the adds, however, have a frontal cone attack, so positioning is essential.

TAULURD:This boss is dependant on mobility: a stationary party are affected a simple defeat, but players who are fast on  Fifa 14 Coins for sale their own feet will easily surpass this fight. Taulurd has only two abilities, a frontal cone, and also a rear cone.

The frontal cone is mitigated, though the rear Elbow Drop may easily chew through your melee players. Four helpers spawn and do the true damage to the fight. This damage also comes in two varieties: Fireballs and Rocks.


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