Starting today, you’ll have the Wildstar Gold  ability to unlock exclusive in-game items and vote for the next weapon that will slay Nexus!

From now until May , PC Gamer is enabling you to pick the next weapon that we is going to be featuring in WildStar! With four options to select, it is possible to look for a weapon that encompasses your leet play style. Will you like healing and eating toast at the same time? DONE!

Are you currently always prepared for carrying down a hangnail? Next the Swiss Army Psyblade is made for you, my buddy. Go to PC Gamer’s WildStar page for more information on all of the options, and cast your vote! After the weapon is established, PCGamer will return to Carbine, and film the making of technology in killing technology.

Do you really need more good reasons to vote? All people who votes will receive some exclusive in-game items! The winning weapon will be made exclusively on hand post-launch. You can also really do the most popular kid on Nexus when you might relax at your residence by having an exclusive WS Gold For Sale coconut monkey sitting shared.
In addition to each of the in-game exclusives, you’ll be also entered to win a Bolt II gaming desktop from Digital Storm! While everyone will unlock the in-game items simply by voting, the Bolt II is made for Us residents only.


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