One of the main concerns from your testers was that WS Gold For Sale

Initially, we didn’t think we might be able to make  WS Gold For Sale significant adjustments to time, but because of some hard-work and extra hours from your PvP Team we’ve put in quite a few the latest features that will address the difficulties they raised.
One of the main concerns from your testers was that Walatiki Temple was too small, and didn’t provide enough tactical routes for scoring and stealing masks. Here’s a directory of a number of the changes Beta Players will see in Walatiki fairly soon:

A second gate in each team’s spawn room provides another exit for players to utilize. Originally there were a teleporter that functioned as another exit but this wasn’t obvious enough.
The middle field continues to be flattened, which widens the “bowl” of Walatiki Temple and increases play space. The mask spawns have also been disseminate plus the Temple of Doom style rope bridges widened accordingly.

Line of vision-blocking terrain (trees, rocks etc) may be scattered over the map (including inside bases) to provide strategies to break up key combat areas and offer somewhere to perform/dash for to help you avoid telegraphs.

Finally, tunnels leading from each mask room on the “outer rim” from the Temple are actually added. These provide different alternatives for both stealing and scoring masks. You will observe on the list of tunnel exteriors  Safe Wildstar Powerleveling below:

That’s it for Walatiki Temple! Next week we’ll cover the second battleground, referred to as the Halls in the Bloodsworn. Here is a little tease to keep you afloat:

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