The Jobs list in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

The project technique is a lot more complex compared to class system. You choose asserted jobs could be the advanced  Final Fantasy XIV Gil classes. In Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, it is advisable to upgrade tow or higher classes after which receive a job.

Inside the common quests, you just kill some small monsters and finish some solo tasks. However, when you finally enter Dungeons amongst people.

employment, with tank, treatment, melee attack etc., play a crucial role on your game character. Usually, a career need level 30 primary class and level 15 vice class.

Bard: Level 30 Archer + level 15 Pugilist; all the Archer Actions and several of Pugilist.
Black Mage: Level 30 Thaumaturge + level 15 Archer; all of all of the Thaumaturge Actions plus some Archer.

White Mage: FFXIV Gil Sales  15 Arcanist; all of the Conjurer Actions and many of Arcanist.

Monk: level 30 Pugilist + level 15 Lancer; all of the Pugilist Actions and several of Lancer.
Warrior: level 30 Marauder + level 15 Gladiator; every one of the Marauder Actions and some of Gladiator actions.

Dragoon: level 30 Lancer + level 15 Marauder, all the Lancer Actions and some of Marauder actions.

Paladin: level 30 Gladiator + level 15 Conjurer; all the Gladiator Actions plus some of Conjurer Actions.
Summoner: Level 30 Arcanist + Level 15 Thaumaturge; all the Arcanist Actions and a few of Thaumaturge.
Scholar: Level 30 Arcanist + level 15 Conjurer; Scholar Actions.
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