The requirements for the Runescape Powerleveling activity

What’s more, Jagex has updated the loot obtainable in the crystal key chest, which means you will quickly realize your  Runescape Powerleveling returns can be better when you finally collect both halves of the key and open the chest in Taverley.
Firstly, you should be an affiliate of RuneScape, after which you are able to collect and do all three waste the crystal triskelion. And when you would like to open the hidden cache of treasure that’s unlocks, you need to be an associate too.

Secondly, it takes degrees of a minimum of 80 inside the players’ related skills. Thirdly, buying rs gold can be a fine way to enable you to complete the quest more successfully.

At last, I want to remind you that, although only members can discover the triskelion and loot the chest, nevertheless the dragonstone armour is tradable, so it will be actually usable for both free players and Rs Gold , free players can obtain them within the Grand Exchange.

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