Inside normal Adventures the tools you will find Safe Wildstar Powerleveling

While Dungeons occur inside the “real life” of Nexus, a journey can be a simulated environment created by the Safe Wildstar Powerleveling .

Adventures are all about open zones, choosing right onto your pathway through the storyline and exploring unusual gameplay mechanics you don’t get in your normal levelling experience.

There’s still lots of combat but it really isn’t the main focus, instead we make an effort to make combat in Adventures a tad bit more unusual.

Rather then an epic boss encounter, you may have to protect against hordes of Exile prisoners or use a jetpack to fly up and destroy a Dominion war blimp.

Adventures reward you using a massive amount loot to your efforts; including gear, housing items, crafting recipes and even more.

Inside normal Adventures the tools you will find are going to be great for levelling, employing the Veteran versions of Adventures you’ll be getting gear that will help steel oneself against Raiding!

We’re currently changing the way that  Cheap WS Gold rewards are gained in Adventures depending on feedback from our players in Beta. Previously, you would get a small number of items at the conclusion end associated with an Adventure after which it you should purchase additional rewards from a journey specific reputation vendor.
However this wasn’t engaging enough and so, dependant on feedback, we’ve removed the reputation vendor and can have an overabundance of rewards drop throughout an outing instead.

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