See you the next time Wildstar Powerleveling fans!

Ever felt the call to strap when using Wildstar Powerleveling and annihilate some dangerous aliens? Ever wished to set a small army of automated death-bots when using unsuspecting enemy? Well friend, our final classes ULTRA DROP? could be of some interest for your requirements!

The Engineer would’ve been cool enough with just their massive launcher to rain deadly projectiles at a distance; but we decided that any of us could do more, that we might make them better, stronger, harder, faster!

You will discover out everything you will need within this mechanical maestro on the Engineer class page!

If you’re able to’t wait to view this Exo-Suit equipped bad-ass stomp some fools on Nexus then take a look at our Engineer livestream on Saturday at 12PM PST over on our Twitch Channel!

Our team of devs will be available to respond questions and flaunt what these types are capable of doing! Be sure you follow us on Twitch for notifications once we go live!
If you’ve got a matter around the Engineer that can’t wait until Saturday then don’t worry. Beaming down from my  Cheap Wildstar Platinum special space platform Skyvault, our dev team will be hosting a Reddit AMA over about the WildStar Subreddit on Thursday at 1PM PST.

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