A lucky a couple of you could have stumbled on WS Powerleveling

Countless of you are actually asking when you’re able to see more gameplay, more developers, more more more.

A lucky a couple of you could have Safe Wildstar Powerleveling  stumbled on our little livestream test we ran this past weekend. We have got a bit more work to complete, in the following couple of weeks you are very likely to start out seeing regular livestreams from your Carbine team.

And we won’t you need to be displaying stuff you’ve already seen: anticipate to see new content, new classes, new reveals, and a lot of WildStar gameplay on the coming months frequently.

We’ll talk to the developers You need to consult, play in the content You would like to see, and answer all the vast majority of questions live! Have to get involved? Follow our channel on Twitch and have notified after we go live.

In case you miss any live episodes, be ready Safe Wildstar see previous broadcasts up on Twitch and YouTube the subsequent week to catch up on what we missed.

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