The mega tournament in FIFA 14 on giant screens

The largest tournament of FIFA 14 Coins  you can imagine . Sunday, March 16 (at 15 – info ), the OND of Brindisi, in collaboration while using the Union of Students Brindisi , evolves into the greatest gridiron digital .

Five stations with projector to try out intense games , and beginning in the next round , ” sudarsi ” the initial place over a large screen 6 feet by 8 .

The trophy which the best player will take home is the latest Playstation 4 that has a joystick, but prizes (camera , video gaming, t -shirt and entrance for the concert) await classified as much as fourth place .

The tournament is open to at the most 128 participants supposed to match four minutes carefully evaluated by five judges .

Soundtrack entire afternoon will probably be FIFA Coins for sale  an open mic Miro chaired because of the Minister , while sprays will color and regaleranno art on the walls away from room .

Throughout the day become familiar with around the activities Qty at the info point that outline the courses and workshops start-ups , and collect subscriptions for that bus day at Latin America on the occasion in the national demonstration resistant to the Mafia on March 22. You can also fill in the design to obtain the greencard .

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