Fifa 14 Coins for sale celebrates fifth birthday

Five years ago, Electronic Arts brought to the best Team one a new game mode in their popular Fifa 14 Coins for sale  series.
To mark the anniversary, the publisher published numerous statistics. Around 21.8 million players worldwide have FIFA Ultimate Team Played since its premiere in FIFA 09 – which is roughly similar to the people of Australia.

We summarize the stats together – and show an infographic.

Several years ago, Electronic Arts introduced the supreme Team game mode to use FIFA series one – the mode debuted in FIFA 14 Coins Xbox 360  Included in the anniversary.
Electronic Arts were many – quite impressive – Statistics for Ultimate Team mode known. Since its launch more than players have played Ultimate Team worldwide.

Also, active players daily 13 million transfers. Alone in one day will probably be held around games in FIFA Ultimate Team.

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