Fifa 14 Coins for sale for the PlayStation Store Promotion

Fifa 14 Coins for sale  Entertainment isn’t stingy with promotions about the PlayStation Store and, normally made available, japan firm has launched a different “category” for its platform downloads. Entitled “The business enterprise Case of the Week” and launched in parallel using the wave balances on AAA, it materializes logically weekly a very special deal. As well as first part, she chose FIFA 14 .

From now until March 5, you’ll be able to get FIFA 14 for PlayStation 3 € 29.99 (as opposed to 69.99 euros) or 24.99 EUR PSVita (as an alternative to 49.99 euros). You’ll know that the PlayStation 4 version is just not contained in the program.

Should you ever wish to repeat the performance of FIFA 14 Coins inside Champions League (6 goals including a brace Benzema), you know what you want to do …

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