Emerick Aubameyang Pierre (Gabon) – Fifa 14 Coins for sale

Friends from the Ligue 1 determine what the Fifa 14 Coins for sale  is capable of – and today also the Dortmund fans can convince.

Aubameyang, who is represented within our listing of the most used striker in Ultimate Team, can boast fabulous 96 acres and 95 sprint speed.

Robert Lewandowski (Poland) – FIFA 14 Coins PS4

The represented on the cover of FIFA 14 Robert Lewandowski just wants that you be described as a top scorer for his team.

For the pitch he shines with 87 degree, 87 reaction, 86 ball control, 86 position game and 85 bounce. In case you spend playtime with Dortmund and Reus is wearing the left, you can be certain that Lewandowski is his first face-off station by storm.

Mario Mandzukic (Croatia) - Buy Fifa Coins 

Since four of his midfield colleagues are represented therein list, it’s course no real shock which the Croatian Mario Mandzukic was able to secure originally in Germany.

Meeting another Bayern players not really once, they may be trying to find Mario in the storm center. Among our 10 most transferred strikers managed Mandzukic at No. 3, in particular automobile 91 head-precision http://www.fifacoins-buy.com/ .

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