A number of the stupid behavior of players inside the FIFA 14 for PS4

Would be more understandable if i was exposed to the pitch any szrot, when you play in a high level athletes should not be the case.

More dishes within the menu
In FIFA 14 for PS4 we have to own all clubs T-Mobile Ekstraklasa, fully licensed (the last time this kind of situation happened in FIFA 11 ), together with our national staff.

Every one of the teams in our league have full native stores, names and coats of arms t-shirts and are also will no longer generated creations, are authentic.
We have not really a true Polish first league and representation, but additionally the chance to learn in my ballet shoes in a very compilation of teams from your league Argentine, Chilean, and Colombian.

Again, fully licensed are representation of FIFA 14 Coins  with the most expensive player on earth Gareth Bale ahead(p), along with the famous team Canarinhos, ie the representation of Brazil.

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