The minigame is correct across from Cheap Runescape 07 Gold

assignment and they also can’t be assigned in the event the player won’t own a Cheap Runescape 07 Goldcape (mentioned before slayer reward need to be purchased in order to make assignment possible without buying a fire cape).

1.See a Tzhaar cave.It is in Karmaja inside the volcano. You need to be described as a member to access this feature.

2.Bring food.Sharks should you have a ton of money to spare. If you do not, Bring monkfish.

3.Get pots and talk with guy at minigame entrance. A combination of super attack, strength and defence is recommended. The minigame is correct across from your bank.
4.Make it through waves.

Try not to use to uch food. Use prayer although the place will drain your prayer, so it’s a good idea to bring prayer pots.

5.Kill Jad. Kill all of the other creatures first then attack the Jad, it’s going to be much easier. Use protect from magic 07 RS Gold.

Whenever you defeat him, you will be delivered to the entrance and given the fireplace cape and some tokkul. You’ll want to kill his healers or he’s going to retain healing.


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