FIFA 14: Gold RaidersIn FIFA 14 for PS4

fifa series appears to be easy and simple platinum generation, spent a short time around the platinum. From the platinum process, check some information to express my experience, writing the incorrect place please forgive me.

How you can lessen the difficulty from the FIFA 14 for PS4: You can, game settings present in CPU Gameplay Customization Setting the pause menu in the game, you’ll be able to freely adjust the with the CPU.
Trophy Description:Football LegendPower and MovementWhat winner, Son!Beast ModeSeconds, PleaseExtra EffortWho Needs a Weak Foot?

A Legendary Performance ( Note: This trophy looks difficult, but is definitely very easy – Start up, 4 minutes of playing time, pick the legendary difficulty he advanced himself a ball, until halftime, go into the pause menu, reducing CPU.

the difficulty of adjusting the significance from the Cheap FIFA 14 Coins, then scored to win the action you are able to unlock. )PerfectionSilver Lining / Silver stageLegendary ( Note: This bit difficult, it is recommended to make use of Advanced Shooting, online video, multi kicked many times all right. )

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