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Mountain Agility through boots hawk, special price treasure hunt earlier soon!

Opening a chest it is possible to win one of many three following elements boots hawk: footings, stems and tips boots. Assemble them and add them 500 hawk feathers, also winning in Treasure Hunt, to build your boots hawk! By equipping these boots, you could get one of these bonus  Agility in the following cases:

For virtually every minute spent running;
Per ultimate capacity launched in combat;
Occasionally to put on skills.

Your boots Hawk unload progressively since you gain XP, hence the attention of hawk feathers exchangeable: Take to 500 feathers to recharge your boots. All additional things that you will get in rs 2007 gold can also be changed into feathers, delivering another method to recharge your boots!

It’s not always all: you can produce a different emote wearing these boots hawk. In case you’re really lucky, you might even open a chest containing a substantial number of boots!

Earn boots falcon elements boot and hawk feathers in Scavenger Hunt Friday, March 14 at nighttime (GMT) on Monday, March 17 at 23:59 (GMT). To determine the amount of time within your time zone, go to website (in English). Pairs of trainers and feathers remain obtainable in Treasure hunts after these dates.

Players non-subscribers get a the least one key on a daily basis and subscribers to acquire two. You can make additional keys playing. See this wiki page to understand more about Treasure Hunt.

Also you can buy here , transforming vouchers into play or feel the keys from the interface Treasure hunts Buy button.

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