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When you are getting localized “Mistag” and do the emote “goblin bow” and auntomaticamente consult the … after d consult you will have to re cn the duke to get this done faster right click to Mistag and select “follow” the need d execute the tuéneles now see a duke cheap runescape gold.
After talking to each of these phones give Sigmund pickpocket to steal the main element …
see a next room and open the “chest” using the key that you took to make sigmund HAM robe.

Now exit the castle and visit the guard HAM q is near the castle map sige …
dale Now opt for the door lock q is on to the floor in the ruined house and hang the robe you based in the chest on the castle.

already below the 07 rs gold is that room … and locate some “silverware”.

Are now using your teleport or walk returning to the castle and speak to the duke again.
will deliver a peace for low goblins now to the basement in the castle and with the hole inside the wall then below you will discover a goblin named “kazgar” dale follow and help you traverse the maze.

speaks with “Mistag” to complete your pursuit!! : DDDD. Buy runescape gold cheap now from our website using the group of Runescape Member Quests.

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