Unsurprisingly, recently’s UK sales chart is dominated by a clear non-Sony next generation console.

With the Xbox One launching in great britan last Friday, a substantial chunk of the week’s top titles were deeply in love with the Microsoft manufactured machine. That includesCheap FIFA 14 Coins , which shot directly to the superior from the league having seen a 328 per cent increase in sales.

Rapidly console not being out yet, the PlayStation 4 version from the soccer sim also were able to move a small number of copies – but we expect that tally to soar in a few days following launch from the Japanese giant’s device.

Elsewhere, Cod: Ghosts – which is also already on the PS4 – slipped into second, while Battlefield 4 nbsp;and Assassin’s Creed IV: Blackjack fought against eachother for third and fourth respectively. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes swooped into sixth, while Grand Theft Auto V was forced to settle all the way up down in eighth.

It’ll be interesting to determine how Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack fare one of several slew of big multiformat hits a few weeks.

We’re not expecting aforementioned to complete especially well – but we’re confident that Guerrilla Games’ first-person shooter will breach the highest ten.

Of course, it is possible to peruse the complete directory movers and shakers through here . What’s been tickling your wallet lately? Exactly what you collecting alongside your Buy FIFA 14 Coins? Put your cash where the mouth area influences comments section below.


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