Free Buy 2007 Rs Gold Makes up about Well of Goodwill

Hey buddies, Create Free 07 rs gold and you will have an enormous event. As being the Well of Goodwill, over the entire month of November, the RuneScape Community generously donated over $90,000 to a variety of worthy causes by using the Well of Goodwill.

Utilizing your runescape accounts, many hundreds and hundreds of you chipped in contribute an astounding 544 billion of in-game wealth, that Jagex will donate $54,479 for your benefit. You additionally generously donated over 7,000 Bonds, meaning an additional top-up of $36,359.

The total raised – will be shared between seven nominated charities: Willow Foundation, Special Effect, Action For the children, Buy 2007 Rs Gold Aid, Internet Watch Foundation, HART and the DEC Philippines Typhoon Appeal.

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