On the subject of playing FIFA 14 Coins, set-pieces is usually the visible difference between winning and losing – especially in FUT.

And, with two minutes left hanging around and a chance falling your path from 25-yards out, you have to be sure to have the right player standing within the ball.

There are numerous smart moves you possibly can incorporate to have your way to goal, when the stress’s on, the simplest way to undertake it is hit shoot and hope all went well.

How realistic this hope you hold is is dependent upon that’s pulling the trigger. FIFA Coins thought i would make your life easy, and let you know the 34 (yes, 34) best players to utilise in this particular situation.

Whether or not it’s a rather weaker player sat about the bench ready to occur if needed at the last, or perhaps a big that has already scored a hat-trick, necessities such as names you’ll need to be trying to find next time your in the transfer market.

Don’t forget, players in-form ARE most notable list, to ensure’s another thing to check out for. And, it’s worth tipping the cap to Buy FIFA Coins, who produce unparalleled stats on players inside EA Sports game.

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