How you can receive a skill cape in Buy 2007 Rs Gold

An art form Runescape 07 Gold–generally known as a cape of accomplishment–is amongst the most coveted items in RuneScape.
 It could possibly only be purchased and worn by whoever has reached the greatest level possible in different given skill.
When you wear it, you happen to be letting other players know you’re the most effective
Master a skill. After you reach level 99 on any skill in RuneScape, you’ve got mastered it and can’t improve at it anymore. Only a character with level 99 in a very skill has the capacity to wear a skill cape.
Look into the message that appears when you finally reach level 99 inside a skill. It’ll tell you where to go and who to visit to buy the skill cape connected with your mastered skill.
Visit the location of your skill cape master. Talk to him and buying an rs gold cape from him for 99,000 coins.


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