The most notable search engine terms FIFA 14 PS4 or Xbox One

FIFA Coins, GTA 5 , or at Battlefield 4 ? Precisely what are games was sought often in 2013? With Google Trends, the search engine released the top pursuit of the season 2013. Beyond just the general keyphrases, i am especially enthusiastic about the section games. And who does bet his belongings that GTA 5 is step ahead, betting really should be better.

We’re a German football people, and thus it is no wonder that few other game than FIFA 14 dominates the superior ten of Google Charts. The experience was at Germany so far over 500 , 000 copies sold.

In United states, No. 1, however, is restricted to GTA 5 – just cultural differences.

The PlayStation 4 is a bit more popular in Germany, installing sales , consequently, been Googled more often for “Cheap FIFA 14 Coins” (No. 5) regarding “Xbox One” (No. 7).

The tech gadgets in The united states, the PlayStation 4 brings about their email list. No big surprise, the Sony console was after fourteen days worldwide sell 2.a million times . The Xbox you’ve got managed also 2 million pieces, but does not seem to have the most notable 10 managed, but different smartphone models.

But let’s look at the charts worldwide consumer electronics: Here reached the PlayStation 4 for third place, even though the Xbox One lands close behind at # 4. Unbeaten contrast: iPhone 5s.



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