runescape 3 gold Insider Session – Big Questions

RuneFest’s Insider Sessions Rs 3 Gold are invariably an enormous draw, and this year’s Big Questions session is scheduled to be no exception. It’ll involve senior RuneScape producers and developers answering the questions you have on pressing topics: Bonds, bots, Squeal of Fortune, runescape 3 gold Solomon’s Country store, and much more.

Mod Hew’s collecting your most 07 Rs Gold burning questions now, over around the forums. For those who have anything you would like to question the topics listed above – or other things in the same vein – directly onto his questions thread right this moment.

Basically we can’t promise Old Shool Rs Gold that we’ll answer every question posted, we’ll pack several into your session even as can. Also, don’t worry folks who wants get to RuneFest in the flesh – Buy Fire Cape the results of the Insider Session are going to be distributed around everyone following your event.


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