Buy RS Gold mini gamer Owned Ports

The mini-game “Player Owned Ports” in Runescape gets new areas and characters. Once you get your patch come for players from the maximum amount of new crew members and territories to the player owned port.

Two new areas and three new characters enrich while using the latest patch for the online role-playing game Buy 2007 Rs Gold . They of Jagex Ltd.. supplies the mini-game “Player Owned Ports” as new crew members, a cook, in a situation Leger and designers can be purchased.

In addition, two new areas are available that the travels along with your ships. Within the aspects of Wushanko islands it is possible to explore over 300 new routes. With all the looted treasures there you build you a ring, a cape and throwing weapons of level 85 together.

Inside your harbor a darker dealer keeps available now on who wants you acquire your goods goods; to his advantage, obviously. He also offers daily changing specials. The ships of your port also perform missions when you are not logged. A whole directory the patch changes you can find on the official how do people Runescape . More News and information about role-playing game by Buy RS Gold can it be on our topic page to Runescape

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