Making headless arrows and then sell on them to get more 2007 Rs Gold

The headless arrows are simply just produced by using feathers while using arrow shafts. This is utilised in Fletching to create arrows and gain XP. Low leveled players may use this opportunity to gain more Buy Rs Gold simply fletching headless arrows.
The arrows could be completed by combining the arrow tips using the headless arrows. You can attach different arrow tips good metals type.
Before you create headless arrows, check the prices of feathers and arrow shafts on the Grand Exchange. Knowing the of both items get a great deal of feathers and arrow shafts and store them on the bank and as well refill your inventory.
 Use or combine the feathers around the arrow shafts to produce headless arrows. Repeat the method til you have lots of headless arrows. When you’re done, sell them in the Grand Exchange to earn more 07 Runescape Gold.


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