2007 Rs Gold games play


Now follow the path before you reach another room. From the room pull both levers to let enter in the light ( photo ), then eliminating the soldier that’s within the room, understand that you’ll be able to only do damage for anyone who is waiting in the sunshine .


A see you kill two more appear using ranged type style and another 4 more melee style.
Try as well as the mask will explain to lean out of the window and discover a scene the spot that the gods really argue.
Third room


Talk with the masks which might be opposite the entrance. Congratulations , you ought to move the panels in order to create the figure above. When well done the mask you speak. Try and leave the bedroom as well as the mask tells you keep an eye out the window, following your scene that basically can go on to another room.
Fourth room


cheap runescape accounts death approach her, oh! Surprise is yet another mask. Talk with her and you have to solve 3 riddles, the solution lies in the trunks:
First riddle: Cofre1-Arena
Second riddle: Cofre2-Water
Third riddle: Cofre2 Shade


When you’ve decided you give an input towards ascension (Where will be the gods). Veras watch another scene after which it get rid of the space jumping the railing out later ( Stock ).


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