FUT 14 Coins sales remain first in 2014

Last week’s UK game sales list may be published , “FIFA 14″ continues to rank first. Although 2014 has crossed 2013 forward , even so the former name on the game ten list this week isn’t change , MINECRAFT: Xbox 360 system EDITION ranking rose slightly.

“FIFA 14″ may be the latest football for EA’s FIFA series , and also the first time in the series the era on the game, and landed a fresh host. By January 4, 2014 , that’s been ranked for three consecutive weeks for the UK game sales list first.

Before the launch of Amazon UK for 15 years in Britain’s best-selling game , FIFA series is second just to the CALL OF DUTY, and this second era of football games and also while landing a host of old and new works prior to the interest in the British exceeded.

Requirement for SPEED: RIVALS and GRAN TURISMO 6 Both racing game remains to be one of many top ten list , another racing game Forza Motorsport 5 also ranked eleventh , three racing games recently while selling in england. Visible in great britan market , Racing games are very well-liked by players welcome. Nevertheless the football game , FUT 14 Coins is more loved with the players. Buy fifa 14 Pc coins in Cheap fifa 14 ps3 coins.

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