Rs Gold & rs 07 accounts

PvP World banking
On rs 07 accounts worlds, bank chests are already included with all respawn points making sure that people can’t teleblock your body on its way to your banker. The chests don’t appear on non-PvP worlds.
Fairy ring log
The fairy ring network now remembers each ring that you just visit, and displays their details on a brand new menu. The dials is now able to rotated in directions, and also the mushroom rings have had their click-zone enlarged.
Incense burners
Player-owned house incense burners is now refuelled before each goes out, provided you could have some marrentill. This should help you prevent them expiring while you are in the center of a load of bones.
Stats interface XP display
On your own stats interface, the pop-up tooltips that relate your existing XP are now using commas to create the numbers more readable.
Charge spell messages
The messages from your Charge spell now appear in red and have easier to see.
We’ll work about the Slayer updates within the next couple weeks, almost certainly releasing the newest features gradually as each batch is ready.

In other news

To the Thanksgiving holiday, there’s a couple of gnomes developing a feast on Catherby beach, featuring turkey meat you can eat and kick. Happy holidays, everyone!

Apart from that, development on the rooftop Agility courses is due an end.
As we’ve said before, we do not should make the XP rates vastly more advanced than existing training courses, since level 99 would need to remain an accurate achievement for dedicated players. Tomorrow’s dev blog will contain some proposed XP rates for that nine courses, so you will have possiblity to let us know your feelings about them prior to the launch.

Remember to tune into our weekly livestream, today at 5pm GMT. Immediately Mod Mat K will probably be speaking about that this recruitment for the new QA tester will be.

Please arrive at the forums to discuss the update.

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