Instant Buy 07 RS Gold Now Supported

Buy 07 RS Gold is pleased to announce the addition of Moneybooker’s secured payment gateway for credit-based card payments! Moneybookers has been providing ecommerce payment solutions since 2001, and even though we’ve got already employed them to be a payment gateway, their services are limited certain European members.

Terms and Conditions:
This Payment option is INSTANT and exempt from Manual Verification caused by outsourced Risk Management top features of this payment gateway
A 4.5% surcharge is added to the buyer’s total for payment processing
All users are limited by 4 credit card purchases within 24 hours .
Moneybookers unverified users are tied to a maximum transaction measurements 1,000 EUR ($1452.73 USD) and the equivalent in another currency per ninety days.
Members with registered Buy 2007 Rs Gold accounts can grow their limits around up to a 15k EUR having a single transaction simply by providing Moneybookers which has a scanned copy of ID and a previous address verification document.
Should the order is cancelled early, some.5% surcharge aren’t going to be returned so as to cancel out the costs associated with this exclusive secure, and instant payment option. The surcharge will either be deducted on the refund amount deliver to you, or is going to be deducted in the seller’s future disbursements with respect to the order cancellation reason. Orders cancelled on account of technical issues on the part of PlayerAuctions, and/or reasons beyond the control over buyer and seller will likely be exempt on the 4.5% surcharge.

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