some exclusive rs gold good things

RuneFest LIVE GMT (conversion time help, see here) from 11 am start from we tic channel or from RuneFest. com. You can even take on iOS or Android convulsions of mobile applications and watch! You really involved in the day’s events, will be a game, interview and a lot of opportunities. So, whatever your problem, is determined, just want to say “hi”, and include the hashtag RuneFest3 chirp we _AT_ runefest give us a message.

We are very happy with so much to meet our most dedicated players rs 2007 gold prospect. But if you don’t have a title, why didn’t fire up LIVE RuneFest flow and RuneFest held the party? State parties to the player community organizations of real-world events, where you can together with other fans to watch RUNESCAPE RuneFest LIVE as a group! Whatever you see RuneFest elder brothers live our whole clan couple, with like-minded friends to see this Saturday is the best way.

If you hold a larger, public events, the head of state of the parties to our players. After the events in the five largest political party will receive some exclusive rs gold good things! We can’t wait to hear you are great party, so a pin drop in the LIVE RuneFest map shows us, you see! All functions will give download package and arrangement of the parties to a special event. So gather some friends and get some drinks, ready to celebrate RuneFest LIVE!

As we speak, hundreds of fans gathered in London tobacco wharf’s annual event: RUNESCAPE RuneFest 3! If you can’t let it, never fear! Head to the site or tic channel feast your eyes on our comprehensive, completely free of real-time flow RuneFest! From 11 am to late at night, we will bring you an interview, game frame and lenses, away from the floor RuneFest, so you can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere from their homes.

In November we will add a whole new way to track important daily, weekly and monthly distraction and divert the whole RUNESCAPE. Floating day do not know when the next time you can go to attack a sinkhole, stop the troll invasion, establish a statue, a vicious cut down a tree or perform amazing feats, the circus acrobats – D&D tracking check! As you can see, the new track in adventure the mini games TAB of the interface. You can quickly see which activities, you can replay now, before long, until they will reset. You can choose your favorite even D & D and let them together in a convenient list!

Weeks of treatment, we will grant a reward every day in the form repeats the token, you can pick up the challenge of munitions Burthorpe. Every day, you will be able to get a token to reset your choice of daily activities, plus a random repeats one token and glorious D & departments! This matter, it is recommended that you as a function of a game for a while now, – you know – we are keen to give you what you want. Hope this will give you a few less things to worry about, consider to the malignant barros brothers at the same time.

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