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It posed a challenge to the designers of characters of RuneScape: should create new outfits with which to demonstrate their skills, content never seen before in RuneScape. They accepted the challenge, so today I present the first two of his four creations! But you need not be I who tell you about these great news when they can hear directly from its developer: Mod Suede, one of the talented artists responsible for these gorgeous designs, explains: We know you like to customize its appearance and make it as personal as possible, so conceived several ideas never seen before so that they delight. The first two are the Regent revived and Raven Skull.

With the revived Regent outfit wanted to create something visually unique. We are confident to have achieved: never been able to become a skeletal warrior! The inspiration for the Raven Skull emerged after analyzing what is already popular in the game, see what he really likes the players and make the final version. It turned out that the community loves Gothic and vampire, so we took them to the extreme with the Skull of crow. A dark attire, intimidating and radical!

Also, Halloween is just around the corner, so it is the time to catch up with any of these dark outfits. Do not forget that soon the team of characters will offer two magnificent creations. The Regent attire Raven Skull revived and are now available, so visit my store and check out the fantastic items I have on offer. RuneCoins If you want more, you can redeem oriflammes in the game. You can also buy more RuneCoins here or by clicking the Buy button runescape gold of my store.

Continuing the story of the Sixth was with Missing and presumed dead. This is the first of a new series of missions that also includes a supernatural detective work, countless famous characters with pre-recorded voices as well as struggles against undead and rewards at all levels enough to fill a coffin.

Missing and presumed dead lays the groundwork for what will be one of the main storylines cores of the Sixth Age. The history fans will not want to miss RuneScape! It is the sole survivor of a horrific slaughter, their classmates killed Saradoministas lying around. To make matters worse, their souls are trapped in the mortal world, unable to start their journey to the afterlife.

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